The HyperWatt Conspiracy

The worldwide energy consortium's HyperWatt blockchain has been compromised and undercover agent, Alex Abrams, disappeared while infiltrating the operations of international mastermind, Viktor Vlasikovitch.

Against unlikely odds, Alex attempts a bold escape. Facing inconceivable appliances and opponents in high places, healthy dietary options provide reinforcement. Will his energetic efforts be enough? Will his high voltage valor be in vain?

The HyperWatt Conspiracy is an accidental love child borne from Eric Bear's cultivated inability to take the universe particularly seriously and Justin Fischer's highly-disciplined action choreography, seen through the unique artistic lens of cinematographer, Robert Lloyd Moore.

During the longest government shutdown in US history, SAG•AFTRA miraculously expedited signatory processing. The HyperWatt Conspiracy is currently in post-production.

. . . Stay tuned for updates . . .